Aviation Services

To complement Air Support range of consulting services, the firm has developed expertise in aviation management and operations, including aviation activity forecasting and financial feasibility studies. Our experts has been involved in developing business plans for airport development consortia, new airlines and airport concessionaires, conducting related feasibility and risk assessments studies. The range of aviation services includes also:
- Flow and delays management, Revision and/or design of ATC procedures (SIDs & STARs);
- Network and traffic simulations;
- Impact analysis of GPS and ILS;
- Hub & spoke simulations;
- Scheduling revision ;
- Apron management and gate allocation;
- Simulation of queuing strategies;
- Multi-airport system;

In detail, particular emphasis has been put in developing strategies that would result in increased operational throughput while maintaining required safety and security standards. Particularly successful has been the implementation of Apron Management Services for several domestic airport operators, thus allowing an optimized utilization of available resources while providing enhanced apron movement control of both aircraft and ramp vehicles.

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